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Arrangement of toothed wheels (gears) to transmit motion and power

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How high of a gear ratio can a motor have?

I want to make a robot arm where a joint is powerful enough to lift 8 kg up at a distance of 1 meter. This requires torque $tau = r*F = r*m*g$ = about 80 nm. So now I am trying to find the ...
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How to solve this differential equation using ode23?

Hello! :) What I have here is a gear system I need to simulate using MATLAB and Simulink. To do that, firstly I need to get the differential equation for this rotation (gear) system. I think I ...
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How to design a representative drive cycle based on speed, acceleration, and torque requirements?

I recently came across the topic of "drive cycle design". I would like to learn more about this as I delve into motor and RC vehicle design. Given: the RC vehicle must achieve 25mph max/...
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