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Questions related to the gazebo-ros2-control package from ros2-control framework for ROS 2

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Gazebo simulation - robot_description param passing

I'm working on a (simulated) Universal Robot UR10e. I've been able to teleop the robot using a custom controller and it works flawlessly in RViZ. I'd like now to have a reproduction of what happens in ...
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Model in gazebo moves violently, with JointTrajectoryController

I am developing heaped project. I am using ROS2 humble with JointTrajectoryController. When I spawn model in gazebo it moves uncontrollably, it shoot itself out of sight. When it lands on its back it ...
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Controller Manager not available

I'm facing an issue with controlling a robot in Gazebo using ROS 2 and ros2_control. I'm running ROS 2 with the Humble distribution on Ubuntu 22.04. I have installed the necessary packages including ...
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Two wheeled self balancing robot(TWSBR)

I'm trying to impliment LQR in a TWSBR, the the control input is in terms of torque for the left and right wheels. Is there a way to use diff-drive controller for this? How do i convert torque to ...
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Robotic Arm- Moveit2- Controllers spawner error

Moveit2 planning successfully but gives error at execution, also the controllers are not spawning. ...
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Communication between ignition and ROS2 (via gazebo_ros_pkgs/ros_gz_bridge etc)

I have a dilemma here: I want to test my controller nodes (written in ROS2) on bluerov2 ignition model ( I installed Ignition Citadel (tried Garden ...
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prismatic joint not workin with ros2_control?

HI everyone i have the following code: ...
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Could not contact service /controller_manager/load_controller

I am using gazebo_ros2_control to simulate a prismatic joint. ROS distro - iron. Using gazebo Classic 11. URDF relevant to the prismatic joint- ...
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class gazebo_ros2_control/GazeboSystem with base class type hardware_interface::SystemInterface does not exist

ROS2 Humble, Gazebo Classic. I build a 6-axis robot with moveit setup assistent and try to load demo.launch with gazebo. And I have error: [ros2_control_node-5] [INFO] [1693236183.459465629] [...
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