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Covariance of fused poses. Should it be normalised by the number of poses?

I came across this paper from T. Barfoot and P. Furgale: "Associating Uncertainty With Three-Dimensional Poses for Use in Estimation Problems" Link:
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Number of diagonal elements in the pose covariance matrix

The control.yaml file inside the husky_gazebo package defines the value of the ...
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Covariance of Gaussian after sequence of homogeneous transformations

Assume we have a robot that moves and observes landmarks on his path. The path is composed of $k$ poses $s_1 \: ... s_k$ where $s_i = [x,\ y,\ \theta]$. From the sensors, we read the motion ...
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How to deal with Gaussian Errors, which don't have a mean value of 0?

I'm writing a SLAM algorithm. One of the main problems is, that the landmark measurement error is not really Gaussian distributed, which means, their error doesn't have a mean value of 0. I already ...
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Motion planning with Gaussian Process Regression

I was recently introduced to Gaussian Process Regression (GPR). I read multiple papers regarding use cases of GPR in robotics, however, they were more or less very limited. Use case from the ...
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