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Understanding the readings of Force Torque sensor based on accuracy and precision

I am working with a 6-axis force-torque sensor to measure the thrust and moments of a model jet engine. I want to understand the significance of the accuracy (measurement uncertainty) and precision (...
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getting contact force on gazebo

I am running a husky robot on gazebo with ROS1. How to get the contact force for the wheels? I tried this tutorial. But it does not give contact forces. I need something like given here.
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`gazebo_ros_ft_sensor plugin error: jointName: FT_sensor does not exist` on GEN3-KINOVA arm

Here is my urdf.xacro file (original gen3 urdf.xacro found here): ...
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Small 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor

currently I need to install an suitable 6 Axis Force Torque Sensor on my Robotic arm. It has to be small beacause it will be mounted on this Robot: ...
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