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Questions tagged [first-robotics]

Questions relating to FIRST programs.

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Kalman Filter for 2d pose

I'm really sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't have a clue on how to do this. I'm trying to write a kalman filter with a State vector of : $$ {x, y, \dot{x}, \dot{y}, \ddot{x}, \ddot{y} ...
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Accessing Proto Fields of Underlying Proto Object in Webots

I'm working on integrating Webots with FIRST Robot Code's builtin simulation utilities. As part of this, I've created a few base protos which define common types of parts, and extended them with ...
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How to calculate the required torque of motor for bipedal robot

I just create a bipedal robot in SolidWorks and after I got all components, I realise that I need select the correct motor for the robot. There will be four motors equipped in the robot, two for hip ...
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Robotic arm servo motor- Not enough torque

I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering. I am a beginner in robot modelling. I am designing a robotic arm for agricultural use and I am having issues with the motors. I am using ...
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Inverse Kinematics of Puma 566 giving low angle results with DH convention

I am new at the robotics area, and i need to deliver an activity until this week in my college based to solve the inverse kinematics problem from an article that doesn't have any code done, and after, ...
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What components and valves do you need for this pneumatic system of 4 actuators powered by commands and distributed in 2 lines?

I was designing a pneumatic system, fed by a compressor (Tank = 6 liters, Pmax = 8 bar, Motor power = 1.5 HP, Flow = 180 l/min), and consisting of its FRL, some hoses for the ducts 4 mm standard ...
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How to rotate a handle shown in the below picture using raspberry pi

Need ideas in the direction for to rotate below circled handle to be rotated robotically using raspberry pi etc
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Controller Design Using Webots! (Heading, Velocity, tilt,balance)

I am trying to design and implement certain controllers for a robot. I am currently designing controllers for the robot, where it aims to control the Heading, Velocity, Tilt, Balance of the robot. ...
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Looking for aid in a project

I'm starting a project and it's my hardest yet I'm dipping my toe in to robotics by creating a odradek from the game death stranding I've laid out what the plans should look like and now I'm trying ...
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