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Questions tagged [fastdds]

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Subscribing to the same topic from two nodes causes doubled network load

I am using ROS2 with default fast dds. When subscribing to the same topic from multiple nodes(subscribers are on the same device, publisher on different device) I see that the same rtps message is ...
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ROS2 Humble - FastRTPS - Bad performance on wireless network with multiple robots

I have multiple robots, that I want to run on a wireless network, and control them from the base station. The robots must work even if the network connection is bad/there isn't one. The robots have an ...
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ROS2 humble zero copy

I would like to run a publisher and subscriber using zerocopy on ROS2 Humble with FastDDS. I followed the documentation to setup the env and also I am using minimal publisher and subscriber with ...
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ROS2 control manger not available with fast DDS Discovery server

I have a problem with ros2 control when launching with Fast DDS Discovery Server. During the launch it shows that the control manager received robot description file as you can see here: ...
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ARM64 architecture under fastdds long-time running failure

Required Info: Operating System: Ubuntu20.04, Arm64, Jetson Orin NX Installation type: Docker ros:humble-ros-base image Version or commit hash: Humble DDS ...
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Why can't I see ROS 2 topics from systemd service when using a Fast DDS server with UDP transport?

I would like to communicate with ROS nodes running in a systemd service. Multicast discovery and shared memory transport cannot be used in this context, so I'm using a discovery server and UDP ...
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FastDDS server only for certain topics

For context see this question. Given the DDS xml configuration file underneath, can I somehow specify that the DDS server with port 11888 should only receive ROS topics ...
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How to set up ROS2 Fast DDS discovery server between different networks?

I'm trying to get ROS2 nodes from two different networks to talk to each other (ROS2 humble, default rmw_fastrtps_cpp, all running on Ubuntu), but no luck. The network topology looks like this: [...
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Messed up service request in ROS2 service node with direct DDS request

I have the problem that I need to communicate with a ROS2 application via DDS from another application that is not a ROS2 application itself, but only uses DDS (Opensplice). I have managed to send DDS ...
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Fault Tolerant Action Server Client Design?

My ROS 2 Humble Create3 robot Dock action client sometimes does not receive a dock action result (callback sometimes not called). The robot log shows the action goal succeeded, and my client node ...
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