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Questions tagged [electronics]

Any device with electrical circuits.

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CNC stepper motors are loud and slow after decreasing the steps/mm from 250 to 5

I'm making a drawing robot and have hooked up my steppers to each axis. I'm using the grbl shield with arduino and nema 17 steppers. Initially the firmware was set at 250 steps/mm but with my setup ...
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TGY-6114MD Servo motor needs push to start

I currently have an inspection robot deployed in a remote part of Africa that has a failing Turnigy TGY-6114MD servo. The issue appeared randomly. The servo won't respond to commands unless given a ...
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Issues with the dual VNH2SP30 motor carrier and 131:1 metal gearmotor 37Dx73L mm w/ 64 cpr encoders

For a while now I have been trying to build my own robotic platform, kind of like a turtlebot. However, I have kept running into an issue with controlling the motors. My main controller for sensor ...
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Technique to increase POV resolution

I have thought of a technique to increase the resolution of a POV (persistence of vision) display. In an usual POV display, the LEDs are arranged in a strip and spun in a circle. There are two ...
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How do I convert horizontal inward motion to vertical downwards motion

I have a small coil gun project for which I designed a magazine to put my soft iron projectiles, my main concern is to design some sort of magazine mechanism with a safety because the “accelerator” is ...
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Stepper motor control with Sparkfun Autodriver L6470 in Raspberry Pi 4B

I am struggling and cannot get this to work all (stepper motor doesn't do anything, not convinced even energising as can turn manually with no resistance) Pins used from a Raspberry Pi 4B to a ...
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Can’t get it all put together

I’m building a small hobby robot- here’s the parts I’ve got: 3 x 5 V brushless DC motors 3 x ESCs 3 digital voltage regulators RC MC6C transceiver 1 x 5 V battery 1 x 12 V battery WAGO Clip thingies ...
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What should be the required operating voltage for Servo motors in my 5 DOF robotic arm, with 50 kg payload

These are the estimated torque values of all axis in our applications 1st Axis- 226.57 oz-in - 478oz-in 2nd Axis- 756 oz-in -1590oz-in 3rd Axis- 356 oz-in - 749.7 oz-in 4th Axis- 188 oz-in - 395 oz-...
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Avoiding obstacle of a car robot using IR

I am using an IR sensor which detects the obstacle. My question is how does 2 robots stops on a finish line which is an object higher that the height of the car robot if i am using IR, comparator(...
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Need help regarding electromagnetic suspension implementation

I an trying to implement an electromagnetic suspension system on model/small scale (like the bose suspension system in this video: Upon doing some research on this topic,...
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Can I combine BEAM robotics with fuzzy control?

Beam robotics invented by Mark W. Tilden is about analog circuits for controlling robots. The idea is to avoid microcontrollers and software and use instead resistors, breadboards and capacitor for ...
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How to connect different outputs from one LiPo battery?

I am building a robot. I am going to use ONBO 6S 22000 mAh 25C to power all my controller boards and motors. It needs to power the following items: 1 motor driver (24 V, 6 A); ...
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