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How dangerous are HASEL artificial muscles with its Kv requirements?

So, I don't know much about electricity and this kind of stuff, so I hope I don't make too many misconceptions. What are HASEL artificial muscles? It is a “Hydraulically amplified self-healing ...
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How to handle power distribution on a robot?

Our team just finished the FRC competition and I am trying to learn more about robots in general. I'm trying build a robot in a similar setting than the FRC competition. However the RobotRIO is out of ...
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How could I make an all electric model rocket? [closed]

What I've been noodling on is how to convert that energy into thrust to create an all electric model rocket. I got as far as realizing that dumping electricity from a battery into a capacitor might ...
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What is the function of inductors in series between the terminals and the brushes of a DC motor?

I'm repairing (hopefully) a 12 V DC motor (Johnson Electric HC971(2)LG-101). The motor has a coil in the motor cap between each terminal and the corresponding brush - two coils (inductors) one on each ...
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I need the scheme of iRobot Create 2 [closed]

I've tried to drill a number of holes in my iRobot. I've missed one of them and I need the electronic scheme of iRobot Create 2 for trying to restore this input of the data cable. Can you help me with ...
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Running a cycle on brushless outrunner motors? [closed]

Is it possible to convert a cycle into an electric bike by using brushless outrunner motors that usually are for RC planes, multicopter, helicopter, etc? If it is possible, what specs do my motors ...
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Electric vs. internal combustion engine for propulsion

What are the main differences between electric motor and internal combustion engine for an ATV-sized mobile robot platform in terms of functionality, implementation difficulty ("RC" conversion, "...
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