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How to control the Dynamixel Motor in PWM mode without having it locked when PWM is zero

I want the motor to be free to move by hand when I set the PWM to zero. Instead, there is a torque that makes the motor still in one position. Is that possible to do?
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Smart Servo Motor Type Comparison

I have been using the standard MG90/SG90 servo motors for years now and am familiar with them. Recently, I am trying to build a robot dog with them with no success. The motors keep on vibrating and ...
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Dynamixels (AX-12A) no longer detected after id change

I have 8 dynamixels that are connected together. Everything worked fine until I changed all their ids to 200,201,202, ... To change their ids, I used this python library. Now, none of my motors are ...
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Can't set ID to Dynamixel MX-64

I have 2 WidowX robots which I already successfully address ID's for all the MX-28 and AX-12A servos using ROS code in the Arbotix controller with the Dynamanager 1.3 on a Mac but I can't detect any ...
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Dynamixel MX-64T ID Problem

I have WidowX Robot Arm Mark II and I'm trying to give IDs to my servo motors. I could give IDs to two MX-28T motors and two AX-12A motors. However, there is no way I could assign IDs to two MX-64T ...
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Inverse Kinematics 5DOF - general approach - Wrong solution MATLAB

Can anyone name a good source for a general approach (cookbook-like) for the inverse kinematics regarding a 5-DOF? The paper by De Xu et al. is aiming for a general approach, but it doesn't work for ...
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Nuc, custom pc or raspberry pi?

For our Minor “Robotics and Vision” we need to use ROS to create a system that can navigate to and from a coffee machine. The available hardware consists of a robotic platform from "Dr Robot", and a ...
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What frames are supported by the Dynamixel XL-320 OLLO?

I was recently looking into purchasing either a Dynamixel AX-12A or XL-320. The XL seems to use OLLO frames, which only seem to be available in a toy-like set. I was wondering if there are any other ...
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Simulating Dynamixel motors in Gazebo

I'm trying to simulate a humanoid robot using Gazebo with plugins. Since our actual model uses Dynamixel motors, I'd like to know how exactly they work to make the simulation as realistic as possible. ...
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Removing PCB from a Dynamixel RX-24F servo? [closed]

For a mod on the Dynamixel RX-24F I need to remove the enclosed PCB. I removed all screws but the PCB doesn't come out easily (without applying more force than I'm comfortable with). It seems to be ...
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(Dynamixel) Inverse rotation direction

I'm wondering if there's a feature to "flip" the rotation direction with Dynamixel (I'm using MX-106). For example, if I give +1.57 to the motor, then it interprets it as ...
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