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Questions tagged [dynamic-programming]

An optimization technique where the optimal solutions to sub problems are used to construct an optimal solution to the original problem.

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Dynamic node in ROS2 humble

I want to create a dynamic behaviour of the node. Consider a scenario, one node (pub_1_node) is publishing on one topic named "common_topic". Second node(sub_1_node) is subscribing to the ...
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Identifying joints from transformation matrix (DH matrix)

Given a transformation matrix formed using the Denavit Hartenberg method, is there a way to identify joint paramters: for example the order of joints? I've come across a solution to an exam question ...
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Multidimensional obstacle avoidance in ODE. Part II

Multidimensional obstacle avoidance For some time, I studied this question more closely and came to the ...
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Multidimensional obstacle avoidance

Artificial potential barriers are known that allow robots to avoid obstacles. They are constructed as follows. Can you please tell me how ...
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Path planning for robot car on grid

I am currently doing a project as my hobby. I am trying to simulate a robot car in a grid arena. Below is the image of the arena: The start point of the car is the bottom-right corner(dark green ...
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Control loop in or outside of main loop

I've been working on some small projects for fun to learn more control theory things and embedded programming. Thank the esp32 and Arduino! Either way I've been programming everything entirely in a ...
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Question about programming approach of a dog like quadruped robot

I and my friends are planning to build a dog like quadruped robot. We have designed it like MIT Cheetah Mini like legs structure, each leg having 3 Servos, 3rd DOF for rotation. We have calculated ...
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What is a control loop?

I've seen with drones that the norm of programming them is to create three loops, for each axis, but I'm not quite sure what a control loop is when the code must run in a sequential manner. ...
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Completely autonomous traversal of a planar graph [closed]

I have to program an autonomous robot to traverse through a grid given in the following figure. But the main problem is that the nodes to visit is not known beforehand, it will be received by the bot ...
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I've got Robotics API library, a demo program and a robot. I want to develop an app for it. The best solution is offline development on some kind of simulator. I'm completely new in such tasks - is ...
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Programable Drone with robotic arm and hand?

I was just wondering if it was possible to buy or build a programmable drone with a robotic arm,hand, knife. I want to program a drone to harvest crops. -object recognition from live video stream to ...
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Dynamic programming algorithm aka Bellman equation in Robotics?

The dynamic programming algorithm refers to the Bellman equation. An open-loop control decides movement at the initial point while a closed-loop control decides control during the movement. Now most ...
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