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Questions tagged [design]

Mechanical, electronic or programmatic design of a robot.

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Robot - Wall Avoiding (Plinko Robot)

I am looking to build a robot that will travel and zig-zag down the hallway.It will be headed towards a wall at roughly 45 degrees and then use a IR LED to detect when a wall is nearby. From there, ...
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What happened to Butler's car?

Having read the article "This Car Has Electric Brains" in Popular Mechanics, August 1958 I have some questions. How practical were his methods? Was his work acquired by a car manufacturer or some ...
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Deduce all possible configuration for a given CONF param FANUC

I am working on the "CONF" parameter of FANUC Robots. The "CONF" param determine the pose of the robot (maybe to have only one inverse kinematics solution). This configuration is ...
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Increasing suction force

I'm trying to increase the suction force of the end effector in a pick and place system. Is it a good idea to add an extra vacuum pump and put it in parallel? AFAIK, having an extra pump in parallel ...
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How is a shear pad of remote compliance device formed?

I am researching on mechanical design of remote compliance devices (RCC)†. In the RCC, manufactured by ATI, they use shear pads for lateral compliance. They mention that shear pads are ...
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Recommendation for 3D mechanism modeling and simulation software

I'm working on a robotic hand and I would like to simulate different joints and tendon insertion points before starting to actually build it. I've been googling and found things like Solidworks and ...
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Heavy omnidirectional platform suspension

I'm planning to build an omnidirectional platform that will support about 180kg robotic arm. The platform will be equipped in meccanum wheels. I would like to have some kind of suspension to avoid ...
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Robotic Arm Design

I am designing a 5DOF robotic arm that will be mounted on rover. I wanted to the design to be lightweight yet strong because it needs to carry a payload of about 5kg. There are 2 links of ...
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How to choose drives for a 6Dof manipulator with a shperical wrist

So my question I guess is tied to design or modelling(Not too sure what topic it falls under) a manipulator according to what I read in the book "Introduction to robotics:mechanics and control&...
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Force calculation for robotic arm

I built a robotic arm that consists of 3 MG 996R servo motor and 3 MG 90S servo motor. How to calculate the amount of load it can lift? Can anyone out there help me regarding this? I need step by step ...
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What joint combination gives you an 6 DoF workspace?

If you want to have a 6 DoF workspace of your end-effector you need 6 joints. But how exactly do the joints have to be ordered? For instance: A robot with 6 revolute joints where all the rotation ...
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How can the ROS 2 TurtleSim turtle icon be changed?

In the turtlesim program used in many ROS 2 tutorials, there is a turtle icon that can be controlled. I would like to change this icon to be a different image that I have been provided, so that when I ...
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SCARA robot configuration subtype (first axis vertical)

I'm working on a project where I need a SCARA where the first axis is the linear / vertical one (as often seen in hobbyist configurations). Something like this:
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I would like to add a prismatic joint to the Z axis of the 6th joint of Urdf

I have a urdf file,urdf of UR5 robot and added a prismatic joint to the end of 6th joint of the robot with the "prismatic_joint" tag (By copying other joints and links) ...
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5 bar linkage hand exoskeleton

I have a project to design a hand exoskeleton for hand rehabilitation. The problem is that i'm thinked I only need the linkage mechanism with multiple 4 bar linkages. But because of human fingers ...
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Natural frequency of robot arm

I want to design a 3 DOF pick and place robotic arm. I've accomplished stress analysis. now i'm going to do frequency analysis. software give me natural frequencies in different configurations. but i ...
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