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Deduced Reckoning, Dead Reckoning or Ded Reckoning is a technique of computing the current position based on a known initial position.

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Odometry vs Dead-reckoning

In terms of robotics, what are the differences between odometry and dead-reckoning? I read that odometry uses wheel sensors to estimate position, and dead-reckoning also uses wheel sensors, but "...
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Is an accelerometer sufficient to detect displacement, or do I need an INS?

Do I need a complex system (of gyros, accelerometers etc.) to detect if a robot has moved forward or can I simply use an accelerometer. I'm building a robot that learns to walk and I need to detect ...
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Using an IMU to build an INS

What's needed to utilize an IMU such as the ArduIMU+ V3 to be used in an INS. Is there any other hardware needed?
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How do you implement an INS from an accelerometer and (optionally) gyros and a magnetometer?

I'm building a walking robot that will need to know when it moves forward. I'm using on-board intelligence and I plan on using accelerometers, gyros, and magnometers (if needed) to be able to detect ...
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Selecting an accelerometer for Deduced Reckoning

I have never used an accelerometer before, but I am aware that they come with I2C, SPI and analog outputs. If I choose to use an I2c or SPI, device, will I accumulate errors due to communication time? ...
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