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Questions tagged [coordinate-system]

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Conversion from body frame to NED frame

I have following Python code: ...
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How to transform frames so axis align

I have the location of two sensors, S_1 and S_2 with frames attached to each and I have the frame Transformation that gives S_2 location and orientation with respect to S_1. Additionally I have a ...
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Camera pose estimation problem

I am creating a Pick and Place program and need help with pose estimation. I am broadcasting on RViz the coordinates based on my YOLO detection and camera. Below is my broadcasting node. ...
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Aligning accelerometer readings with vehicle's frame of reference

I have a device with an accelerometer installed in a vehicle. Its orientation in relation to the vehicle is unknown. So I am looking for a reliable way to align the coordinate system of the ...
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Finding orientation of object in 3D space

Given the above constellation, I have to find the orientation of object B in the coordinate system of Object C. The objects A and B are fixed to a certain place and the object C can move in freely in ...
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Compute absolute position of obstacle in V-Rep from proximity sensor measurement

all. I am trying to construct the map of the environment by using the measurements from the proximity sensor in V-Rep. I have absolute position of the robot. So, I know the X1, Y1 coordinates of the ...
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