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Attaching electronics to a very bad chassis

I had a misfortune to buy this very poorly made tracked chassis. I now have some Arduino-based controller to attach to it. I see three posts with what seems to be holes for screws, and two of them ...
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How to design a robot chassis so as to avoid bending issues?

I'm good on the programming, control systems and electronics aspect of robotics, but need help with a problem with mechanical design. How do I avoid bending of my chassis due to weight? It is a 2 ...
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Robotic arm chassis

I've been curious about how the plastic chassises of the robotic arms in robotic competitions are manufactured. For instance, the following arms clearly have 10-20 plastic parts each, if not more: ...
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How to simply connect a plastic wheel to plastic body of a robot?

I have a robot that it's down part is something like this photo: . This chassis has 4motors and 4wheels are ...
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Searching for an idea to enhance robot chasis strength

Hello every one I am working on a robot and I am using kinda big motors and I made the body from 5mm plastic sheet and I found that its not strong enough to hold the robot as you see in the pic there ...
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How to get manufactured part from CAD file?

I am working through the book Learning Robotics using Python, which is for Python programmers who want to learn some robotics. Chapter 2 shows you how to use LibreCAD to design the plates and poles ...
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How to implement transmission in tracked chassis with one motor?

I see that in small robots tracked chassis is implemented with 2 motors, each powering one side of the vehicle, like this: (image stolen from here) But in real scale tanks I assume there is only ...
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Chassis materials for Hobby-weight (5.44Kg) battle robot

I have sorted out all the internals for my robot (drive systems and weaponry) and now I need to put it all together in a chassis which will be about 40 cm wide by 35 cm long by 7 cm high. I have ...
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Continous rotation with cables

A motor needs to spin n*360 degrees. On top of the motor there are distance sensor which scan the room. I.e. lidar. What options do I have for implementing a continous rotation while having cables ...
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How to machine aluminium on a low budget? [closed]

For my robotic projects I need some aluminium parts. Currently I am looking for a way to build a chassis including simple gear box. So I need relatively high precision. Which options do I have to ...
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