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C++ is a compiled general-purpose programming language that adds object-oriented features and other enhancements to the C language. It is popular for both embedded (including robotics) and PC software development.

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C++ and Create 2

I am trying to use C++ to talk to the Create 2 robot. Does anyone have basic code to write/read from the Create 2 using C++ or C? I am having trouble with converting Create 2 commands (like ...
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Create a simple C++ client Application to control KUKA's Robot-arm LBR iiwa via FRI

Until now I have been programming the robot using Java on KUKA's IDE "KUKA Sunrise.Workbench", what I want to do is control the robot arm via my C++.Net application (I would use a camera or Kinect to ...
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Does a stable library exist for docking robots using images?

I built a mobile base from scratch, and now I am focused on getting the robot to charge. The robot is using an on-board webcam (and PC) to detect a QR barcode on the charger unit. Using OpenCV I find ...
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Kalman filter prediction questions [closed]

I have a dataset where measurements were taken at 1 Hz, and I am trying to use a Kalman filter to add predicted samples in between the measurements, so that my output is at 10 Hz. I have it ...
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Creating a custom msg in ros2

I have a package with two nodes, that are communicating internally. For that reason I would like to create a custom msg to transfer data between them. I've followed this tutorial, which basically sets ...
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Is there any C++ library I could use to program a robotic manipulator involving forward and inverse kinematics?

I came across robotics library (RL), but quite unclear about its real purpose. Is it a FK/IK solver library or simply an graphical simulator?. RL has poor documentation, so its not clear how to use it....
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