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BLDC Motor characterization for a towing AGV

I’m working on an aircraft towing AGV and I need some assistance regarding the drive sizing. But first some technical data : 4 DC bldc motors Cogged wheel for caterpillar tracks diameter 65mm. ...
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How to connect cmd_vel to motor_command in ROS

I have a motor driver for a BLDC wheel. I have successfully made the motor driver and ROS connections and when I send motor_command as in the "user manual" of the motor drivers, my wheels ...
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Inner current controller benefits

I am currently working on a system with a BLDC motor attached to a non linear spring on which a user can apply a force. Meaning the torque applied on the motor's output is most of the time unknown. ...
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Rotary Stage (high resolution controller for BLDC motor)

I am building a 3phase BLDC motor controller based on an STM32 MCU, a high resolution 26 bit optical encoder and a DRV8301 motor driver from TI. This is a for a high precision rotary stage for an ...
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