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How to cleanly stop a robot in the destructor of the code

I often use CTRL-C to stop my ROS2 code. However, I wonder why my destructor is not executed or not executed in sequence. According to my log file, the destructor was called: ...
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Send sensor data to update rviz model

I'm completely new to ROS(2) and I want to make my Robot Model in RViz move depending on sensordata. I build my files according to a minimal working example from youtube and it allows me to visualize ...
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Compatibility of MG996R Servo with ROS and Dynamixel Communication

I am currently working on a robotics project following the instructions in the "ROS Robotics Project" book by Lentin Joseph. The book originally suggests using the Dynamixel AX-12A servo ...
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how to draw something using a turtlesimbot and stop that bot, spawn another turtlesimbot at that coord, and draw using the 2nd bot?

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Ubuntu 20.4/Foxy - Gazebo/Tiago : no /scan_raw topic

Following Rico's book - page 43 - ( [Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS / Foxy] I try to run Tiago sim and drive it around a world map with the teleop launcher I run the simulation ...
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