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Questions tagged [battery]

An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy.

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McKibben artificial muscles and the 400:1 ratio

I was recently reading that those artificial muscles had the highest power/weight ratio while electric motors only have a ratio of less than 100:1. As electrical engineer I have never worked with ...
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Hexapod Project Specifications - Power and Servos

So I will get straight to the point. I wanted to get ambitious with my robot project while trying to keep the budget minimum. I have browsed through several posts regarding power sources and servos, ...
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How do i decide what batteries i need for my robot?

I am trying to design a quadrupod(hexapod without the middle legs) and I need to decide an appropriate battery source. Currently I have 8 Mg996r's and 4 SG90's. What i did to measure the battery ...
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Rotot hardware - batteries considerations

[please dont downvote, just let me know what infos are missing] I built my second robot and I always end up with the same issue ... The CPU board always resets when a high rush of current is demanded ...
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Daly BMS connection error Ubuntu

I am trying to use an 8s daly BMS for my mobile robot and I am connecting it using the UART to USB converter provided by them. The connection works well on Windows, but when I connect the BMS to my ...
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Power pack and servo driver for robotic arm?

I have a robotic arm that uses about eight 7.4 volt volt high torque servos. ( I need to know what Kind of battery system I can use to power ...
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How to find the minimum battery capacity C needed for the drone to reach the landing point?

I calculated the height object height, Distance to the base of the object, Drone weight, maximum and minimum battery voltage, resistance force and power ($P$). The drone is flying in steady state, ...
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