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Questions tagged [auv]

Autonomous underwater vehicle. See also the tags ugv & uav.

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NED ENU transformations robot_localization

I'm working with the robot_localization package to perform sensor fusion between a DVL and USBL for an AUV, in order to compensate drift. Now the ...
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Underwater Property Simulation with ROS2 e.g Particle Plume

I want to develop and test adaptive path planning algorithms for AUVs or also USVs. So far I did this in ROS1 with the UUV Simulator and especially the uuv_plume_simulator. Now I am looking for ways ...
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Looking for benchmarks on Apriltag pose estimation

we want to know if we can use Apriltags in our project for pose estimation in rather long distances and on moving target. Specifically, correcting errors of an IMU device on an autonomous vehicle. I ...
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AUV LiPo battery

I'm making an AUV that requires 15-20 minutes of operating time. I'm using 6 of these motors (Blue Robotics T100 Thrusters with specs at max are 135 watts and 12.5 amp ) I don't know how to calculate ...
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What RF transceivers modules are used on AUVs for communication with ground station?

I am working on a project where we want a RF transceiver on the AUV for communicating with the ground station when its on the water surface. I am looking for RF modules that can work in proximity to ...
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EKF singularity problem when measurement noise R is zero

my Extended kalman filter (EKF) program works well, my estimated state vector is same as real state vector when I give any positive definite number to measurement noise R. But I want to make ...
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Practicality of using magnetometer inside AUV

I have an AUV with a 12 inch diameter, 29 inch long capsule. Inside the capsule sits an Intel NUC computer, an NVIDIA Jetson GPU, an Arduino Mega, a Sparton IMU (9 DOF) as well as a custom voltage ...
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AUV Lipo Battery capacity

I'm making an AUV that requires 15-20 minutes of operating time. I'm using 6 of these motors (Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters) for propulsion; I'm looking for 6S lipo batteries (22.2V) but i don't know ...
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Heading drift on Beaglebone Blue on small AUV due to power cables (I think)

At my work we use the BeagleBone Blue boards to control somewhat small AUVs. The board is placed in underwater tubes along with batteries, ESCs for thrusters and all other electronics. We use the in-...
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Choosing suitable simulator for a swarm of AUVs [closed]

Which of the following simulators is the best choice for simulating a swarm of AUVs working together to perform a mission? Please clarify your reason and if you know any better choice, I would greatly ...
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Image retrieval through a multibeam imaging sonar

I would like to know if anyone here has used the Blueview SDK (Linux) for retrieval of images from the pings obtained by a multibeam sonar (P450, P900, etc.) ? If so, I'd like to know why would anyone ...
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11 answers

Preventing leaks in motor shafts for underwater bots

Whenever building an aquatic bot, we always have to take care to prevent leakages, for obvious reasons. Now, holes for wires can be made watertight easily--but what about motors? We can easily seal ...
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What's the most effective type of rechargeable battery when taking into account size / weight / Ah?

I'm looking to build an underwater glider robot that will need to remain autonomous for long periods of time, perhaps even months. Power draw should be minimal, and I'm thinking of including some form ...
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Choosing the right dimensions for an underwater glider

I'm looking to potentially build an underwater glider, a type of submarine that's slow but can operate on extremely low power draw. However, in order for it to work effectively I've found several ...
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