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Questions tagged [artificial-intelligence]

The central problems (or goals) of Artificial Intelligence research include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, and perception.

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Cognitive Architectures: how do you perform qualitative and quantitative comparisons?

I couldn't find a sub stackexchange for artificial intelligence, but I think robotics comes close, and so I'm posting here. I recently saw TED talks on AI and the Google car, with these being the ...
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RNN instead of a PID controller

I am building a drone using the raspberry pi and I am using 6*PID controllers to control the speed and the value for each angle, can I use a recurrent neural network (RNN) or other neural network to ...
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Single Board Computer for Real-Time Object Detection

I am developing a pallet detection and pose estimation algorithm with YOLOv3, using a depth camera - R435. Since real time classification is a burden on hardware, I am looking for something that is ...
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Automated Manual Testing / Robot-computer interaction

What is the technical term for a computer mechanically interfaces another computer? For example a robot mechanically interacting (vs API) with a PC or smartphone as a human would to automatically ...
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