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The central problems (or goals) of Artificial Intelligence research include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, communication, and perception.

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What algorithm should I implement to program a room cleaning robot?

For this question assume that the following things are unknown: The size and shape of the room The location of the robot The presence of any obstacles Also assume that the following things are ...
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Programming a line following robot with reinforcement learning

I am considering programming a line following robot using reinforcement learning algorithms. The question I am pondering over is how can I get the algorithm to learn navigating through any arbitrary ...
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Will AIs ever be as advanced as the human brain? [closed]

I'm reading a book about a hypothetical economy in which robots work for us because they eventually became able to do everything we do ("Our work here is done, visions of a robot economy" by Nesta). ...
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Why can Humans single out audio in a crowd? What would it take for a robot to do the same?

I was at a Robotics conference earlier today and one of the speakers mentioned robots not being able to function as well in a crowd because they can't single out audio like a person can. Why can ...
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How can I create a robot like the EZ-B using a regular Arduino?

I am interested in building a robot like the EZ-B, sold by It comes with an SDK for Visual Studio and has direct scripting in runtime through a USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IRC or HTTPS ...
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Control VS artificial intelligence?

I have heard of both the terms AI (artificial intelligence) based robots and control based robots. Although they are both different fields, what is the difference between AI and control in regards to ...
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Neuromorphic Engineering and Robotics

I have been into a boggling paper research on neuromorphic engineering and its implications on robotics applications, lately. It is relatively a less applied field and full of academic papers and ...
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Where to start for the software side of Robotics? [closed]

I am a Computer Science student entering my last year of college. I'm pretty sure Robotics is what I want to eventually be doing based on my interests in AI and embedded systems. I've seen a lot of ...
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Is a Raspberry Pi processor powerful enough for a mobile chatbot?

In general, is a Raspberry Pi processor powerful enough for a mobile chatbot? I want to make a small mobile robot that is like a chatbot. Is a Raspberry Pi processor powerful enough for any type of AI ...
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