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Questions tagged [actuator]

A motor, not necessarily electric, which converts energy into some kind of motion.

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McKibben artificial muscles and the 400:1 ratio

I was recently reading that those artificial muscles had the highest power/weight ratio while electric motors only have a ratio of less than 100:1. As electrical engineer I have never worked with ...
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What inertial information can I get from a SolidWorks object for simulation in MuJoCo?

MuJoCo needs me to enter the position of the inertial frame and the diagonal of the inertial matrix, (if I understand correctly). I'm not sure how to get this information from SolidWorks. This object ...
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Barrel with slot, that can slide

Image sourced from: Huygens optics YouTube channel : Maskless Wafer Stepper Part 2: Mechanics @ 7:40 I need to couple a stepper motor to a leadscrew that will be translating back and forth. One ...
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How can I feel feedback with electric power steering (EPS)?

When I am rotating steering wheel and it meets an obstacle, I feel it. I have EPS. How does it work? Is it just explicit sensor and feedback? Can I sniff this feedback on CAN bus?
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Simple plastic welding machine

I'm doing a little hobby project where I want to weld two thin plastic sheets together, using two heated plates with a specific pattern. I was doing this manually but felt that the result was ...
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Need help regarding electromagnetic suspension implementation

I an trying to implement an electromagnetic suspension system on model/small scale (like the bose suspension system in this video: Upon doing some research on this topic,...
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