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DVL as a ranging sensor

I am trying to use a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) as a ranging sensor. The DVL has four acoustic beams with known poses and ranges. This makes it possible to estimate 3D points on the seabed (if the ...
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Tracking Landspeed Underwater

I am hoping someone might be able to nudge me in the right direction (apologies for the long post but wanted to get all the information I have gained so far down. Basically I am after a solution to ...
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Sonar for obstacle avoidance: how many sensors and where to place them?

For avoiding obstacles during 2D robot navigation what is the best position/angle to place the sonar sensors? How many should there be? I would like to know if there is some theory or examples for ...
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What algorithm can I use for constructing a map of an explored area using a number of ultrasound sensors?

Ultrasound sensors are incredibly cheap these days which makes them a popular choice for many hobbyist robotic applications, and I'd like to use a bunch of them (say 10) around a robot with an ...
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