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Hi, I am trying to use Iris Lama slam package with YD Lidar to create grid map. I am using following commands to run slam and lidar node ( Launch files also attached)

Lidar Launch File :

  <node pkg="sc_mini" type="sc_mini" name="sc_mini" output="screen">
    <param name="frame_id" type="string" value="laser_link"/>
    <param name="port" type="string" value="/dev/sc_mini"/>
    <param name="baud_rate" type="int" value="115200"/>

 <node pkg="tf" type="static_transform_publisher" name="base_link_to_laser"
    args="0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0  0.0 /base_link /laser_link 40" /> 
roslaunch sc_mini start.launch

rosrun iris_lama_ros slam2d_ros _scan_topic:=/scan  _base_frame_id:base_link

There is a static transform between base_link and laser_link.

The issue is that all the messages from the laser are dropped by scan node with following error message

[ WARN] [1629945657.272627698]: MessageFilter [target=odom ]: Dropped
100.00% of messages so far. Please turn the [ros.iris_lama_ros.message_filter] rosconsole logger to DEBUG for more information.

[DEBUG] [1629945661.171888142]: MessageFilter [target=odom ]: Removed oldest message because buffer is full, count now 100 (frame_id=laser_link, stamp=1629945651.173065) [DEBUG] [1629945661.171907816]: MessageFilter [target=odom ]: Added message in frame laser_link at time 1629945661.172, count now 100

It works fine when I use bag file from this link


Would be thankful for any insight.

Originally posted by ZainMehdi on ROS Answers with karma: 225 on 2021-08-25

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I am answering it myself. First of all Iris_lama needs odometry source. If you are like me just trying it out with a 2d lidar there wont be any odometry source available to you so you need to adjust the frame names and run command as follows.

rosrun iris_lama_ros slam2d_ros _scan_topic:=/scan _global_frame_id:=map _base_frame_id:=base_footprint _odom_frame_id:=base_footprint _d_thresh:=-1.0 _a_thresh:=-1.0

This is important as it will tell the algorithm to use scan matching as a source of odometry

_d_thresh:=-1.0 _a_thresh:=-1.0

Thanks to the author for helping me out. Here is the link to the original issue on github.


Originally posted by ZainMehdi with karma: 225 on 2021-08-27

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