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Hello all,

I am writing a package written in c++ for ros-melodic on ubuntu 18.04.

I need to send service call to a node that takes 3 values as following service call from terminal to change LED color.

$ rosservice call /set_led_color "red: ###
green: ###
blue: ##"

The node have service file definition under "node_name/srv" as Color.srv and its contents as following

int64 red
int64 green
int64 blue

And in node.py the service is coded as

from omo_r1mini_bringup.srv import Color, ColorResponse

rospy.Service('set_led_color', Color, self.save_led_color_service_handle)

def save_led_color_service_handle(self, req):
command = "$sCOLOR," + str(req.red) + ',' + str(req.green) + ',' + str(req.blue)
return ColorResponse()

I tried to initialize my service client by

svc_client = n.serviceClient("/set_led_color", true);

however it is not working.

Originally posted by kyubot on ROS Answers with karma: 60 on 2021-07-11

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I did not add below lines in package.xml


and then it is able to generate service header according to the service files defined in srv folder.

In my node.hpp file I added

#include "r1mini_gui_teleop/Color.h"
ros::ServiceClient serviceClient; //Client node to call service
my_node::Color serviceSetColor; //Service set color

And in node.cpp file

serviceClient = n.serviceClient<r1mini_gui_teleop::Color>("/set_led_color");
some function(...) ...

Solved my problem.

Originally posted by kyubot with karma: 60 on 2021-07-11

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