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Hi everyone,

I am setting up a navigation2 launch file.

I have used this one as a reference, and everything seems to work.

However, I need to remap the /cmd_vel topic. I am not sure what is the syntax to do so in a top-level launch file to have it propagated to a nested launch file.

Thanks for the help

Originally posted by g.bardaro on ROS Answers with karma: 110 on 2021-04-22

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Found an example on the ros2 tutorials (Foxy)


perform remap so both turtles listen to the same command topic

forward_turtlesim_commands_to_second_turtlesim_node = Node(
            ('/input/pose', '/turtlesim1/turtle1/pose'),
            ('/output/cmd_vel', '/turtlesim2/turtle1/cmd_vel'),

Originally posted by Richard Mark Haes Ellis with karma: 56 on 2021-12-17

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Original comments

Comment by K88 on 2022-10-19:
Invaluable for remapping RVIZ' /initial_pose, /goal_pose, and /clicked_point topics (connected to 2D Pose Estimate, 2d Goal Pose, and Publish Point buttons in RVIZ) that are otherwise permanently outside any namespace applied to an RVIZ node. Thank you!


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