Is there something like an all-in-one satellite based localization solution that would contain both hardware and software to do GNSS localization for robotics? I mean a package that would also contain an IMU, would fuse it with GPS and filter the result accordingly and then provide a software API to query for location/speed etc.

I am interested rather in some affordable solution but is there some professional hardware too?

I am trying to implement this for my mobile robot and I realize that a smartphone-grade GPS (Samsung J5) gives me better preliminary results than an u-blox eval board (this NEO-M8T with integrated antenna and ground plane) - I wonder why, I guess Android may fuse the IMU and have better readings even with worse antenna?

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I have used both KVH CNS-5000 and the Xsens MTi-G-710 that do what you are asking. Both these products provide on-board sensor fusion. The CNS-5000 uses an EKF and I am not sure about the Xsens. They both cost in excess of $4k. I am unaware of any less costly solutions that integrate both the GNSS and IMU.

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