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For my robot I am using the Adafruit bno055 9DOF absolute orientation IMU. However, the orientation given is relative to it's starting position, not the magnetic north pole.

I have tried using the rtimulib_ros package as well as ros-imu-bno055 but in both cases the result is the same.

I know the magnetometer is working since I can see its output in one of the topics published by ros-imu-bno055 and those values change if I move a magnet close to it, but I'll admit that I don't really know how to interpret that data so I'm not sure what kind of value I should be seeing.

The IMU connected to a Jetson Nano via I2C.


Originally posted by anonymous58627 on ROS Answers with karma: 1 on 2020-08-26

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That is expected behavior. Its absolute orientation relative to startup. Some IMUs won’t even do that fusion for you.

Originally posted by stevemacenski with karma: 8272 on 2020-08-26

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Comment by anonymous58627 on 2020-08-27:
I see. Is there an existing package that will allow me to use the magnetometmer to set the origin to the magnetic north?

Comment by flynneva on 2021-02-09:
hi @jeremie, I've been working on a ROS2 bno055 package for awhile now with plans on adding I2C support relatively shortly. might be of interest to you:



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