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Is there a way to convert a cv::Mat rotation matrix to a quaternion?

Originally posted by EDU4RDO-SH on ROS Answers with karma: 52 on 2020-07-28

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Comment by jarvisschultz on 2020-07-28:
You tagged roscpp so I'd assume you are using CPP... is that right? It would likely help to say what datatype you have a rotation matrix as. For example, the answer you're looking for will depend on if you have an Eigen::Affine3d vs a tf2::Matrix3x3 vs something else.

Comment by jarvisschultz on 2020-07-28:
If you do have a tf2::Matrix3x3 you could use the getRotation method

Comment by EDU4RDO-SH on 2020-07-28:
In fact, I have a cv::Mat object and I want to convert it to a quaternion to populate a geometry_msgs/Pose message.

Comment by EDU4RDO-SH on 2020-07-28:
I'll try! Thanks.


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In that case, personally, I'd lean towards constructing a tf2::Matrix3x3 from the cv::Mat. Then you can construct a tf2::Transform from the Matrix3x3, and then use tf2::toMsg to convert to a geometry_msgs/Pose directly. You could also call getRotation as I mentioned earlier to get a Quaternion directly, and then fill out the components of the pose.orientation with the components of the quaternion.

A quick Google also found this which might be helpful: https://gist.github.com/shubh-agrawal/76754b9bfb0f4143819dbd146d15d4c8


Since this became the accepted answer, I figured I'd post a little example of what I described. Something like the following should work:

#include <opencv2/calib3d.hpp>
#include <opencv2/core.hpp>
#include <tf2/LinearMath/Matrix3x3.h>
#include <tf2/LinearMath/Transform.h>
#include <tf2/LinearMath/Vector3.h>
#include <tf2_geometry_msgs/tf2_geometry_msgs.h>

// Build identity rotation matrix as a cv::Mat
cv::Mat rot(3, 3, CV_64FC1);
cv::Rodrigues(cv::Vec3d({0.0, 0.0, 0.0}), rot);
// Convert to a tf2::Matrix3x3
tf2::Matrix3x3 tf2_rot(rot.at<double>(0, 0), rot.at<double>(0, 1), rot.at<double>(0, 2),
                       rot.at<double>(1, 0), rot.at<double>(1, 1), rot.at<double>(1, 2),
                       rot.at<double>(2, 0), rot.at<double>(2, 1), rot.at<double>(2, 2));
// Create a transform and convert to a Pose
tf2::Transform tf2_transform(tf2_rot, tf2::Vector3());
geometry_msgs::Pose pose_msg;
tf2::toMsg(tf2_transform, pose_msg);

Originally posted by jarvisschultz with karma: 9031 on 2020-07-28

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Comment by Elektron97 on 2021-07-26:
Is there a way to convert tf::Mtrix3x3 in cv::Mat?


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