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I have a /map topic where I have my initial map launched by map_server. But I want to change the topic for the map to /filtered_map. I want to do it because I make some restrictions on the map and publish a new map to another topic.

How can I change the map topic for navigation stack (global costmap)?

Thank you in advance!

Originally posted by Yehor on ROS Answers with karma: 166 on 2020-05-20

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If you have specified your costmap layers using the hydro+ API, you can set the map_topic parameter under the static_map plugin namespace in your navigation configuration files. See the staticmap page for more information.

You can learn more about the hydro version of the costmap_2d stack here

This would often get placed in the costmap_common_parameters.yaml file in a hydro setup. You can see an example of that here on a branch I have worked on.

Note that in the above case, you would add the following lines to the costmap_common_params.yaml file:

    map_topic: /map_filtered

because the staticmap plugin was specified to be in the static_layer namespace in the global_costmap_params.yaml file on the same branch.

Originally posted by maxsvetlik with karma: 161 on 2020-05-20

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