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ROS beginners. So I'm not sure.

I tried to use rtabmap for slam using rgb-d in ROS slam.

But is rgbd_slam also provided in the ros package?

i can check the rgbslam at the following link.


Is this a package that can be used with gmapping, Cartographer, or RTAB-Map?

I would appreciate it if you let me know.

If RGBD slam is also available, I use rgb-d and 2d lidar sensors. Which is better, rgb-dlsam or RTAB-Mapslam?

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RGBDSLAM is a full SLAM approach like GMapping, Cartographer or RTAB-Map. There are many others compatible with ROS too. I will refer you to table 1 of this paper, which does a brief comparison of all available open-source SLAM approaches that can be used in ROS. Here is a copy of that table: image description

As you can see, depending on the sensors you are using, you would use either a vision-based (RGBD-SLAM) or lidar-based (GMapping, Cartographer) approaches. Currently, only RTAB-Map can use both sensors at the same time. In your case, you won't be able to use the lidar with RGBDSLAM, which uses only RGB-D camera as input. In the same way, you cannot use optimally a RGB-D sensor with GMapping and Cartographer approaches (it is possible to use the depth projection in those approaches but they are more tuned for long-range lidar with large field of view). RGBDSLAM doesn't create a 2D map by default, but a 3D OctoMap. RTAB-Map can use RGB-D camera for loop closure detection, and lidar for 2D mapping. See this configuration example: image description http://wiki.ros.org/rtabmap_ros/Tutorials/SetupOnYourRobot?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=setupA.png

In some applications, you could use only a lidar, so GMapping and Cartographer can be other good options.


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Comment by [email protected] on 2020-04-06:
Dear Mathieu

That is the perfect answer.

It's best. ^^

Have a nice day.

Comment by Asan A. on 2021-05-31:
here is an additional paper for indoor slam overview
Comparison of Various SLAM Systems for Mobile Robot in an Indoor Environment


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