I am new here and i am new to neural network also. :P
I have gone through the concepts of Neural Networks but i want to implement it in my project including microcontroller MSP430G2553 on LaunchPad Series.
I am using some sensors and i want to use some neural network code to manipulate the data from sensors to get some threshold.
I went through this post and tried to implement the codes from the link given but it is giving some error on less ram, i guess it is due to my mcu.

So, i wanted some help regarding the neural network code or library for Energia which i should use. Thanks in Advance.


One page linked says the algorithm is fine for the ATmega328's 2KB of SRAM, another is for the ATmega2560's 8KB of SRAM.

Your MSP430G2553 has 0.5KB of RAM, so I think that's the primary reason you can't get it to run on that controller.

There are other microcontrollers in the MSP430 line that have more memory - if you look at the other LaunchPads you can see that you've got the one with the smallest RAM available in a LaunchPad - others have up to 64KB.


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