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I intend to build a base to recharge the batteries of a differential robot that implements ROS for autonomous navigation. Currently, my robot has a PI Camera and can locate an Aruco marker by turning on itself. With a raspberry pi 4, I get a rate of 60 fps with a resolution of 640x480. My question is, what is the best way to make the robot approach the recharge base, observing an Aruco marker:

  • Maybe using a PID controller
  • Estimate the distance and orientation that the robot is in relation to the marker and publish goals in the odometry frame and let the ROS guide the robot to the goal
  • other way..

Has anyone implemented something similar and could give me a suggestion?

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Originally posted by mateusguilherme on ROS Answers with karma: 125 on 2020-02-23

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Comment by Pran-Seven on 2023-02-14:
Hey, were you able to find an implementation for the same?


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Take a look at demo_pioneer , works fairly okay.

Originally posted by Choco93 with karma: 685 on 2020-02-25

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