I am a Computer Science major and I only have basic ideas on Robotics. I am planning to build a stationary cubical AI.

The main purpose of this bot will be that, it will have a sensor to check if the door has been opened and immediately asks a question "who has opened the door?" I also want it to recognize the correct words to interact the word, I am not talking about voice recognition but word recognition so that who ever speaks the correct words(words in bot's memory) can interact with it. Depending on who opens the door(prolly my family) I want it to speak out different things. I want it to respond to simple questions like, "what is the date and time?" , " a random qoute or a fact or a joke".

Is this too hard to achieve? Could anyone give me a basic idea on how to approach this project?

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to Robotics, Saujan Uprety. As your project doesn't pertain to robotics (beyond being an object people interact with), and instead appears to be a strictly software-related question, I voted to move it from this site to one where you would be more likely to get a proper answer, like Computer Science. Topics like speech recognition are beyond the scope of this site. $\endgroup$
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Is this too hard to achieve?


Could anyone give me a basic idea on how to approach this project?

Get familiar with the basics and start writing code. Here are few links for you to study:

Robot operating system

CMUSphinx in ROS

Try to follow the examples as is first, that will give you a basic understaning, then you can extend the example to fit your needs.


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