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I tried this tutorial. This tutorial is about creating srv files. I did everything like tutorial showed me. But in 4:14 tutorial says "you can verify your header files in devel/include" . For me this include file was not created.

I used catkin_make for compiling the workspace.

I did not understand problem. Anyone can help?

You can look my files here: https://github.com/MYComodo/ROS_Tutorials

I am trying to do service_tut package. In this package i created srv file. I want to use for learn how to write a service/client example.

Originally posted by KOMODO on ROS Answers with karma: 3 on 2020-01-27

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For the headers of messages and services to be generated, the generate_messages macro needs to be invoked in CMake. It's currently commented out

As a side note, there is an official tutorial on the ROS wiki that will walk you through it with copy-n-paste able instructions.

Originally posted by marguedas with karma: 3606 on 2020-01-27

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Comment by KOMODO on 2020-01-30:
thanks for responding. It worked.

Merci beaucoup pour l'aide :)

Comment by marguedas on 2020-01-30:
Avec plaisir :)


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