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Hello, I am beginning a new robotics project this Year.

This is my last year in the Univesity and to complete this journey I must build a “Rhex Robot”. And was chosen the ROS, because we already have experience using ROS so it is the best option. However, Which ROS is recommended for this kind of project?

Kinetic ( We used to use this one. ).


Or go ahead into ROS2 ( It is good for “beginners” [ NO PRO YET ] already? )

Originally posted by Teo Cardoso on ROS Answers with karma: 378 on 2020-01-13

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Comment by AndyZe on 2020-01-13:
What functionality do you need? Navigation? Low-level servo drivers? Camera? Lidar?

I would start by writing a list of the functionality you need then googling to see if it is available in ROS2. If everything is, I would use ROS2.


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Go with what you know if its for a class project. No reason to add additional burdens to yourself. Kinetic and Melodic are functionally the same so I'd just go with which ever has the least friction (if you are forced to use 16.04 or 18.04). I wouldn't recommend ROS2 for a discrete university project unless the following are true:

  • You have spare time
  • You want to learn ROS2

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