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I want to install ROS Melodic in Ubuntu 18.04. I've already read the installation guide but also I just found out that there is a ROS package directly in the repositories of Ubuntu, so if I run: apt search ros-desktop it appears to be some available packages, ros-desktop-full included, which from the installation guide looks very similar to ros-melodic-desktop-full which is the suggested package.

The only difference that I see in the installation process is that with the installation guide I would setup the sources.list file to accept software from packages.ros.org and setup the keys with apt-key

So is there any difference between those two packages?

Originally posted by Cardoso1994 on ROS Answers with karma: 13 on 2019-07-04

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I honestly don't know where the ros packages in the ubuntu universe repo come from, but they are definitely not what you want. If you look at the changelog of any of those packages, you see that there has not been much going on.

You should definitely follow the installation guide on the ROS wiki!

Originally posted by mgruhler with karma: 12390 on 2019-07-05

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Comment by gvdhoorn on 2019-07-05:
The packages the OP mentions are UpstreamPackages.

I would strongly recommend OP installs the regular packages, not the upstream ones.

Comment by mgruhler on 2019-07-08:
@gvdhoorn thanks for the clarification, didn't know this! I agree with using the regular packages.

Comment by Cardoso1994 on 2019-07-11:
Thanks for the help. I installed melodic the ROS way.


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