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I'm using rtabmap in order to carry out rgbd slam using a rgbd camera, odometry and a fake laser scan obtained from the rgbd camera. When I execute rtabmap, the generated grid_map is different if I set grid/fromDepth parameter to true or false.

If a set grid/fromDepth parameter to false, the map is created using the laser scan data, and the map obtained is good. However, if I try to visualize the cloud_map in rviz or saving this point cloud to a pcd file, only the points of the laser scan are visualized/saved.

On the other hand, if I set grid/fromDepth to true, I can visualize the complete 3D point cloud from cloud_map in rviz, and the pcd saved contains the complete point cloud. However, the generated grid_map is not too good, because is generated using all the points, not only the laser scan information.

Is there any way of creating the grid_map only using the laser scan information, and obtaining the complete 3D point cloud in cloud_map at the same time?

Thank you very much in advanced!

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No, you cannot have both online outputs at the same time. However, you can generate the 3D point cloud offline by opening the resulting database with rtabmap standalone or rtabmap-databaseViewer, then see "File-> Export clouds" menu option.


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Comment by Rosbq on 2019-04-18:
Hi Mathieu,

Thank you very much for you quick answer!

Cheers, Blanca


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