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is there a way to simply do the path planning of a robot with moveit with a given URDF without the execution part of the robot? I dont want to supply any FollowJointTrajectoryActions or JointStates. I am just interested in the path which was found by moveit path planning. I am currently using the Python version of the MoveGroupCommander which seem to require a real or simulated robot with joint states and follow joint trajectory actions. Is there a way to simply do the path planning part with python?

Thanks for the answers

Originally posted by nmelchert on ROS Answers with karma: 143 on 2018-12-07

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Look at how demo.launch sets this up.

Edit: btw, your question seems to be more about "how to use MoveIt without a real or simulated robot" than "path planning without execution".

The former is something that demo.launch does, the latter can be done by calling plan(..) instead of one of the other functions.

Originally posted by gvdhoorn with karma: 86574 on 2018-12-07

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Comment by nmelchert on 2018-12-07:
Thank you!. the demo.launch setup was exactly what I was looking for.

Comment by gonzalocasas on 2019-05-05:
@nmelchert we work on basically that exactly use case ("path planning part with python"). We publish a few docker compose files for that purpose which are used from a python open source framework we published last year. Here are some code examples in case you are still interested.


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