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I want to view the trajectory generated by moveit in gazebo.

I have done motion planning using moveit c++ interface and i'm observing the robot movement in Rviz. The code moveit c++ interface is here.

Here are the controllersfrom gazebo side

Here are the controllers from moveit side

controller manager file is here

My questions are as follows[answered below]:-

  1. What kind of controllers are necessary to observe the trajectory generated by moveit in gazebo? Can anybody give some example??

  2. I know that moveit c++ interface communicates with Rviz by using some ROS topics/ Actions? How can i find over which topic/action moveit c++ interface communicates with rviz so that i can use it same ROS topic/action to communicate with Gazebo.

Updated questions:

  1. When i launch moveit_planning_execution file i get the error saying Action client not connected: /joint_trajectory_action

Below is the snapshot of the errorimage description

can anybody help in this?? Any kind of help is appreciated.

Originally posted by mvish7 on ROS Answers with karma: 104 on 2018-11-30

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I have been working through this recently. I am not working with the panda robot, so I can't point you to code for the panda. However, I have been using the ABB 120 repository as an example. There are a lot of layers to work through, but all the information is there.

To do my best to answer your questions directly:

  1. You will likely need the joint_state_controller/JointStateController and the position_controllers/JointTrajectoryController, see the above ABB repo for examples.

  2. As a starting point, you don't really need to be aware of specific topics, you can use the MoveGroupInterface (which I see you are using in your code).

Originally posted by ryan.delgizzi with karma: 86 on 2018-11-30

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Original comments

Comment by mvish7 on 2018-12-01:
Thank you for answering. I'll try out your suggestions and post my findings here.

Comment by mvish7 on 2018-12-02:
@ryan.delgizzi: I have adapted my files as per the reference. Gazebo and controllers are getting launched correctly but when i launch moveit i get error saying "Action client not connected:joint_trajectory_action"

i have not got any cluw how to solve this can you offer some help?

Comment by ryan.delgizzi on 2018-12-10:
The /joint_trajectory_action is how the move_group communicates with gazebo. I believe that gets launched from whatever you analogous file is to this one


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