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Hi is it possible to visualize the ROS2 nodes graph using ROS1 rqt_graph package?

I have ROS1 kinetic and ROS2 bouncy installed on my pc. I tried to run the ROS2 example nodes publisher and subscriber, but I'm not visualizing them in the resulting graph.

I run the following (each command is in a separate terminal)

$ roscore

$ ros2 run ros1_bridge dynamic_bridge --bridge-all-2to1-topics

$ ros2 run examples_rclcpp_minimal_publisher publisher_lambda

$ ros2 run examples_rclcpp_minimal_subscriber subscriber_lambda

$ rosrun rqt_graph rqt_graph

The result is a graph where there is the ros bridge connected to the topic used by the ROS2 nodes, but they are not visualized.

Originally posted by alsora on ROS Answers with karma: 1322 on 2018-09-07

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Using the ROS 1 rqt_graph will conceptionally not be able to introspect anything from ROS 2. It can only "see" up to the bridge.

Once rqt has been ported to ROS 2 (and rqt_graph) then you can use that tool to visualize the ROS 2 side of your graph (again the ROS 2 tool won't be able to see any ROS 1 nodes / topics either).

Originally posted by Dirk Thomas with karma: 16276 on 2018-09-07

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