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A few days ago I succeed mapping on my laptop

Now I trying to mapping as hector slam on raspberry pi3 (ubuntu mate)

By the way mapping not work on raspberry

I think the environment of raspberry is equal the environment of laptop

First my procedure is

  1. Downloading pakage about this project (Hector_Slam, ros_rplidar)

  2. building the files (catkin make) , setting a port

  3. modifying code of mapping_default.launch of hector_mapping file in hector slam.

I did not modify anything else    

The result of implementation is like this

image description

I changed fixed map : map , laser , base_frame and and added map on dispaly list (topic : /map)

a error not generate on terminal but also map not appear

what is problem??

Originally posted by DongHyeong Kang on ROS Answers with karma: 13 on 2018-05-02

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image description

I attach my tf tree screen shot

please see and tell me why mapping not work


This problem is error in building

after initialization raspberrypi , retry to building slam file

It is work

Originally posted by DongHyeong Kang with karma: 13 on 2018-05-03

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Original comments

Comment by billyDong on 2018-05-04:
For now I cab only be sure that /hecto_mapping is not publishing any topic with a map. But you hided the terminal with the information about the topics..
I think you should write parameters for the map size and resolution also..

Comment by billyDong on 2018-05-04:\

Comment by DongHyeong Kang on 2018-05-04:
Thank you so much billy So can I write them in mapping_default.launch? I’m sorry . Can I see the simple example??

Comment by billyDong on 2018-05-08:
https://pastebin.com/vdmjPJet There you have the file that I use


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