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I am trying to automate the launch of multiple nodes with the roslaunch API. So far, I am able to do what I want, and my nodes are running perfectly. (I am also able to stop them).

Now, I noticed that the roslaunch API doesn't work if no roscore is running (in a terminal)..

So I am trying to start the roscore at the beginning of my script (before starting my nodes). What I tried so far (also described here) is:

import subprocess
roscore_process = subprocess.Popen('roscore')

However, I am unable to stop the roscore process with roscore_process.kill().

It seems that the roscore program creates a parent process that spawns multiple children processes (i assume: rosmaster, parameter server, rosout...). This can also be seen with top or htop. Therefore calling roscore_process.kill() only kills one of the children.

Do you have any idea on how to start and stop a roscore ?

Thank you

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Haaa !

After digging in the documentation of the roslaunch API, I was able to find a solution.

The idea is to use a ROSLaunchParent which is used to start/shutdown .launch files. According to the documentation a ROSLaunchParent can be a roscore instance if the parameter is_core is set to True.

So here is my solution:

from roslaunch.parent import ROSLaunchParent

parent = ROSLaunchParent(run_id, [], is_core=True)     # run_id can be any string
# [... do other stuff ...]

The trick is to pass an empty list of roslaunch_files, so that we just use the functionality of the class to start a roscore.

Hope this helps others :)

Originally posted by ejalaa12 with karma: 81 on 2018-04-24

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Comment by BatmanofZNA on 2023-04-13:
This is the way. It worked for me


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