I have started working on robotic manipulators and got into a project which deals with control of robotic manipulator using artificial neural networks (solution of inverse kinematics and trajectory generation, to be precise!). Can someone please suggest me where to start as I have no prior knowledge about robotic manipulator and ANN and how to code them?

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If you have no prior experience in robotics, I would recommend one well known book, Craig - Introduction of Robotics: Mechanics and Control. This should explain well the basics of robotic manipulators.

For artificial intelligence (AI), I would recommend Russel, Norvig - Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach, although ANNs are not the central topic of the book, it is a very good and well known book on AI in general. It is always good to know what AI is about an what are the problem categories that can be solved with AI and what methods are recommended for the problem types.

There are scientific publications dealing explicitly with ANN for Inverse Kinematics, e.g. this one:

Jha, Panchanand, and B. B. Biswal. "A Neural Network Approach for Inverse Kinematic of a SCARA Manipulator." IAES International Journal of Robotics and Automation (IJRA) 3.1 (2014): 52-61.

However trajectory generation is somewhat different in nature. I would recommend reading up generally on AI and machine learning to see which method is best suited for which class of problems.

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