I want to injection-mold several thousand of a part that fits in a 6" x 6" x 2" bed.

I would like to be able to use only tooling that I can make myself, so I can rapidly iterate on the tooling as production problems are discovered.

I know that typical injection-mold "hard tooling" is created using electrical discharge machining, which requires first CNCing a carbon positive and then using that as an electrode to spark-burn out a negative mold from hard steel.

However, I do not have the equipment for EDM. Instead, I would prefer to directly CNC the negative mold. I know that a soft enough steel to be CNCed will not last very long as an injection mold, but like I said, my run size is tiny, and I am ok with making a new mold every 500 units or so if necessary.

I am open to buying an endmill that is diamond-tipped, to work with harder steel, but then the limitation will probably be how much torque the CNC can produce on the endmill.

What are some recommendations or links to helpful resources? In particular, what is a good CNC with enough torque, and what blend of steel should I use? Thanks!

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  • $\begingroup$ The long list of CNC mills at reprap.org/wiki/MillStrap surely has at least a few suitable machines. $\endgroup$
    – David Cary
    Jan 26 '13 at 7:55
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    $\begingroup$ @Andrew: (a) people who make robots often use CNC machines to make robots, and more importantly, (b) CNC machines themselves are a kind of robot. $\endgroup$
    – David Cary
    Jan 26 '13 at 20:02
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Answer from my MechE friend Sam who doesn't have an account:

First, I don't think you're going to have trouble with any CNC not having enough torque

Second I don't think you'll need diamond tipped. Tungsten carbide max.

I would look into using aluminum I believe it is viable for some molding.

And mild steel should definitely hold up. Easier to machine as well.


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