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I am having issues inserting custom models into gazebo. Here is my file structure:

  • lawnbot_ws
    • src
      • lawnbot_desription
        • models
          • grassplane
            • meshes
            • model.sdf and model.config
        • package.xml

Gazebo shows: /home/josiah/PycharmProjects/lawnbot_ws/src/lawnbot_description/models in the insert tab, however it does not show a drop down for actually inserting the grassplane model!

I also have the following line inserted in the package.xml file of the lawnbot_description package: <gazebo_ros gazebo_plugin_path="${prefix}/lib" gazebo_model_path="${prefix}/models" />

I do not understand what is wrong. I am calling:

roslaunch gazebo_ros empty_world.launch extra_gazebo_args:="--verbose"

in the terminal and the gazebo_model_path shows: /home/josiah/PycharmProjects/lawnbot_ws/src/lawnbot_description/models

Originally posted by josiahl on ROS Answers with karma: 18 on 2017-10-22

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I found the problem. 1st, I had a typo in the xml


More annoying was that I found that the:

/home/josiah/.gazebo/gui.ini file retained my old path name:


which should have been:


Why did it never update the pathname? We may never know. Very frustrating, however now I am able to insert custom models into any world I choose.

Originally posted by josiahl with karma: 18 on 2017-10-22

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Comment by gvdhoorn on 2017-10-23:
This is really a Gazebo-specific question.

Please ask those over at answers.gazebosim.org in the future. You'll have a much higher chance of getting good answers there.

Comment by Carlos Delfino on 2018-12-17:
Please, you can share you package.xml and CMakeLists.txt for I learning more about this configuration?


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