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I am a beginner, I am learning ROS.org I use the ‘indigo’ version
when i run this "rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node"
The screen display [ERROR] [1505802741.783016851]: [registerPublisher] Failed to contact master at [localhost:11311]. retrying... How to resolve this problem?

Originally posted by summer on ROS Answers with karma: 15 on 2017-09-19

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Do you initialized the ros? with the roscore?

Try type the command " roscore " before. In another terminal's window


Originally posted by Teo Cardoso with karma: 378 on 2017-09-20

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Comment by summer on 2017-09-20:
Ok ,it is working .Thank you very much.

Comment by jayess on 2017-09-21:
@summer, if this answered your question then please click the checkmark to accept the answer.


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