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Hi all, I installed tum simulator and ardrone_autonomy and I have gazebo launching with a scene and I can see the drone but when I do rostopic pub -1 ardrone/takeoff std_msgs/Empty nothing happens. when I do rostopic list I get:


When I publish to takeoff and do rostopic list I can see that /ardrone/takeoff gets added rosnode list gives me:


I am using ROS kinetic, but couldn't find good installations for it so I ended up installing indigo things. I didn't manage to install the ardrone_helpers but I understand that it isn't compulsory. Otherwise I did the installation from the ros website. The way I figure it I a publishing but the node for the drone is not subscribed to that topic for some reasen

I have spent more than 10 hourse trying to figure out what I did wrong and I got nothing, any help would be greatly appriciated.

Originally posted by oha on ROS Answers with karma: 35 on 2017-08-28

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Comment by jayess on 2017-08-28:
Where did you install tum_simulator from? The one listed in the wiki is for Hydro. Many packages for Indigo may work on Kinetic but there's no guarantees. You're best bet is to use the correct version of the package for your version of ROS (although I don't know of tum_simulator for Kinetic).

Comment by jayess on 2017-08-28:
Check this answer https://answers.ros.org/question/251601/is-there-a-simulator-for-ardrone-in-ros-kinetic/

Comment by oha on 2018-03-13:
I went back through my posts and saw that I forgot to update, so for anyone looking in the future I did end up using: https://github.com/angelsantamaria/tum_simulator which is what was mentioned in jayess's link, Thanks!

Comment by jayess on 2018-03-13:
@oha if my answer solved your problem then please click the check mark to mark it as correct.

Comment by oha on 2018-03-13:
I cant find a check mark next to a comment.. I only found an up arrow, is that what you meant? I am very sorry about this, I am trying to get better at using forums and contributing but am still struggling a bit..

Comment by jayess on 2018-03-13:
No worries. The check mark is next to the answer.


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The answer in this link may help you: https://answers.ros.org/question/251601/is-there-a-simulator-for-ardrone-in-ros-kinetic/

Originally posted by jayess with karma: 6155 on 2018-03-13

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