I am attempting to use the data Underwater Simulator (UWSim) provides through the ROS interface to simulate a number of sensors that will be running on a physical aquatic robot. One of the sensors detects the current depth of the robot so, I want to simulate this with the data provided by the UWSim simulated pressure sensor. The Problem is that nowhere in the UWSim wiki or source code can I find any reference to what units UWSim uses to measure pressure.

That being said, what units does UWSim use to measure pressure? Additionally, I would appreciate general information about what units UWSim uses for the data provided by it's virtual sensors.


I haven't used ROS before, but you could try to determine the pressure units with an experiment!

  1. Put your sensor in water and take a pressure measurement.
  2. Lower the sensor 10.3 meters, or about 34 feet, and take another pressure measurement.
  3. Subtract (1) from (2), and look for the correct "ballpark":

    • ~1 = bar
    • ~14.7 = psi
    • ~101 = kPa
    • ~1,000 = mbar
    • ~101,000 = Pa

This test checks the change in pressure when changing depth to a pressure difference of 1 atmosphere.


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