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Could someone please provide me some reading/method for the best practice of producing a geo-referenced point cloud. I have an SBG systems AHRS (RTK GPS and IMU fused at 200hz) and a LiDAR. Both of which have ROS drivers already. How can I produce the point cloud in the world frame rather than the robot? What is the minimum requirement for publishers/subscribers/nodes since the SBG publishes:

    ros::Publisher imu_raw_pub;

    ros::Publisher imu_head_pub; //todo magnitometer data

    ros::Publisher gps_pos_pub;

    ros::Publisher gps_vel_pub;

    ros::Publisher gps_head_pub;

    ros::Publisher ekf_pose_pub;

    ros::Publisher ekf_quat_pub;

    ros::Publisher time_pub;

Appreciate any help.

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The recommended way to geo reference data is using the common transforms outlined in REP 105

Originally posted by tfoote with karma: 58457 on 2017-11-26

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